About Us

Welcome to Savvy Frugal Mom! We are so pleased you have stopped by!

I'm Emily Bass. In 2014 my husband graduated dental school. We added up his student loans and realized we owed over $300,000 in debt!

At that time I took over our family finances and made a plan to get out of debt as quickly as possible.

Through this experience I learned so much about budgeting, saving money, paying off debt and taking control of our finances and future.

Now I aim to provide other moms the knowledge and tools they need to conquer debt and take control of their family's financial futures.

Here at the Savvy Frugal Mom shop we provide as many digital tools as possible to help you on your financial journey--budgeting worksheets and budget spreadsheets, savings challenges and trackers, and debt payoff charts and trackers.

All digital products that you can start using right away and start changing your money journey.

If you are looking for something specific, let me know and we can work on adding what you need.


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